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Bailey  Brad  Graydon

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                 Extreme Weather


Extreme weather includes zero visiblity fog to hail so large that it will destroy cars.



All over the world the the fog is very bad every year the death tole goes up for  

crashes and the damages go up too from hail storms ruining gardens and making dents in cars.  Every year blizzards devastate the land but people have made adjustments and ways to stop damage and deaths like salting the roads and  parking under cover.                                    



Trying to rescue people trapped in cars




The worst blizzard in North American history happened on March 12 - 14, 1888. It affected areas from Maryland and north to some places in Canada .

 In some areas the snow drifts were fifty feet high.  200 ships were lost at sea and in harbors. 100 sailors lost their lives.Fire damages were very high because the fireman were unable to get to the fires.   






The worst hail storm happened on November 4, 2007.  Rain and hail fell all over

 Bogotá, Colombia’s capital city. The city became white around 3 p.m.  Downtown. The water levels rose to 1.5 meters and 100 or so people were trapped in their cars.  There were no casualities but many people were treated for hypothermea.




The worst flood happened in China during the year of 1887. It killed 900,000 people but some say 1,000,000 people parished. 




The worst fog happened




The worst drought happend in China between 1876-1879. It killed an estimated 9 millon people. There was no food production for 9 provinces. and many live stock died. 







Extreme storms are measered on the  scale




















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