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Bryce Isais Ben Hervey

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 SINKHOLES                                  ben hervey,bryce terhune,isaias sanchez






                Guatemala sinkhole

              In Guatemala city,Guatemala one of the  biggest sinkhole in the world occured. 

  •  The sinkhole was 330 feet deep!
  • There were two deaths, and twelve homes got swollowed.                                                                                                                            
  • This giant sinkhole opened up on Feburary 24, 2007.





How are sinkholes measured

Sinkholes are measured in meters or feet


Where do sinkholes happen

Sinkholes are often found in wet climates, near oceans or big bodies of water.


What to do if a sinkhole happens

If you witness a sinkhole you are to:                              

         - call your local emergency numbers

         - keep all children away

         - close off the area around the sinkhole with a rope or some type of fencing

         - do not throw any human or economic waste in the sinkhole

         - watch the sinkhole for enlargement


          How do sinkholes form 

Sinkholes form when the limestone gets eaten away by the acidity of the rain water leaving a cavity.The layers of sand and rock collapse into       the cavtiy. Many times the surface of the sink hole will be below the water table so ground water will be above the bottom of the sinkhole.



     How do sinkholes effect people

          It effects people by killing them, and by there being a big sinkhole in the middle of the road, and there could be more, it could get bigger, and it swallows buildings.



     Resources for sinkholes 

 www.ordena.com, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/sinkhole, www.sinkhole.org, www.plime.com/world/1/12077-related/


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