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  • Sinkholes happends when ground water erodes the rock or earth under the soil. They usualy happen on limestone,carbonite rock, salt beds, or other rocks that can disolve from water.


  • The largest sinkhole is in Egypt. By the Nile in 1960.a roseburg sinkhole happend in Nov. 21 1996. 3 people were injured
  • It costs 5 million dollars


  • Events are mesurd in miles
  • sinkholes are mesured by inches and feet. If they are big enough you can mesure them by miles


  • sinkholes threten people because they can crumple houses and break water lines
  • They can cause sewer polution


  • if buildings or fence posts are slumping
  • pools of water that form from rain water that has not collected in that area before.


  • keep everything away from area
  • Rope or fence area


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sinkholes http://www.geology.enr.state.nc.us/Landslide_Info/costs.htmhddh[#top|Back to Top]


Landslides (regional events)

Date Level of Event Damages Indirect Costs
May 1901100+ year event

Widespread floods and debris flows in Buncombe, Henderson and McDowell Counties. Railroad tracks covered by slides for hundreds of feet. Rail lines, bridges and roads destroyed. Exact damages unknown, but probably in excess of $0.5 million.

Rail, bridge and road transportation disrupted.
July 16, 1916100+ year eventWidespread floods and hundreds of debris flows in Transylvania, Henderson and Buncombe Counties. Scores of fatalities and destroyed structures. Rail, bridge and road transportation destroyed. Exact damages unknown, but probably exceeds $100 million.Transportation disrupted. Crop and private property damage.

August 10-17,1940 and August 28-31, 1940

100+ year eventTwo hurricanes caused widespread flooding though the southeastern U.S. Flooding and hundreds of debris flows caused 26 fatalities in N.C. — mainly in the Pigeon River basin (Avery, Watauga, Ashe, Buncombe, McDowell, Yancy and Wilkes Counties). Rail lines, bridges and roads destroyed. Exact damage unknown, but probably exceeded $20 million in N.C. alone.Private property and crop damage. Transportation disrupted.
November 6, 197710 year eventWidespread flooding and scores of debris flows in Buncombe and McDowell Counties. Roads and bridges destroyed. Exact costs unknown but probably exceed $3 million.Private property damage. Emergency response.
February and March 199015 year event?Heavy rains during February and March triggered numerou debris flows in western N.C. Total road repair costs exceed $6.7 million.Transportation disruption. Private property damage. Damage to trout farms.
May 5-7, 2003<10 year eventHeavy rains (7-15") in western N.C. trigger scores of slope movements in Swain and Haywood Counties. Estimated damages: One debris flow goes into Bryson City Reservoir. Reservoir abandoned. Six major debris flows originate on slopes underlain by acid-producing rock. Costs exceed $2.5 million.Transportation disruption. Emergency response. Community water system destroyed.

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Landslides (specific events)

http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,894870,00.html?promoid=googlepA special type of sinkhole - formed by rainwater leaking through the pavement and carrying dirt into a ruptured sewer pipe.http://www.lakecountyfl.gov/departments/environmental_services/environmental_compliance_and_enforcement/sinkhole.aspx

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