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 Welcome to Mr. C. Hall's 6th Grade Science Natural Catastrophe Wiki


What is this?

Mr. C. Hall's 6th grade science classes at JoLane Middle School have been learning about natural catastrophies this year. They have been presented with a question or series of questions in which by answering them will be educating themselves and their peers. Once students have created their reports complete with pictures, evidence, and various other support materials found in books and on the web, these subject matter experts will then present their information to peers in their class and other science classes at JoLane.


The Question(s):


Why do I have to know about these catasropies if I live in Oregon? How do they or will they affect my state or me? Which catastrophic events are located in the Pacific Northwest? What are each of these catasrophic event and what forms do they come in? What information is availble to learn about these catastrophic events?



Project Instructions




The Catastrophic Events                                                                           




3.-11. March 2007: the Lava Delta grows



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