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                        this tsunami hit in Koh Lanta and caused a massive flood             pict10.jpgWave_Southern.jpg                               

                                                           this is a tsunami that hit and it caused this



  • Help injured or trapped people.
  • Stay out of a building if water remains around it. Tsunami waters can cause buildings to sink, floors to crack, or walls to collapse.
  • When re-entering homes, use extreme caution.
  • Check for gas leaks.
  • Open windows and doors to help dry things out.
  • Look for fire hazards.





A tsunami is a large wave that is caused by sudden movement on the ocean floor.That sudden movement could be an earhtquake,a powerful volcanic eruption,or any kind of landslides.


If the earthquake that causes a tsunami happens be far from the shore there will only be a little amount of time for authorities to issue a tsunamis warning.If a tsunami is close to shore  there may only be only minutes between an earthquake and the first wave.If the ground shakes and you feel it and you know an earthquake has occured or if you see a change in the sea level you should evacuate to high grounds as soon as possible



In the recorded history of tsunamis, this was the BIGGEST TSUNAMI... ever...

Biggest Tsunami Countdown #1
The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami waves were far reaching.
Photo Credit: Vasily V. Titov, Associate Director,
Tsunami Inundation Mapping Efforts (TIME),

Biggest Tsunami Countdown #1:
The 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake
Australia Bureau of Meteorology & WikipediaWikipedia To put that number in perspective, number two on this countdown for the worst tsunami was Krakatau, Indonesia. The 1883 Krakatau tsunamis killed over 36,000 people in its wake. The casualties of this tsunami was more than eight times that number. It is estimated that over one-third of the dead are children. Source: Cascades Volcano Observatory, Vancouver, Washington, USGS & UNICEF

On the morning after Christmas, a 9.15 magnitude undersea earthquake triggered a series of events that would forever change the way we looked at the water. Within hours of the earthquake, the coasts of Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and other countries, were deluged with waves, some as high as 49 feet. Source:


With over 310,000 people killed in a dozen countries, it has become known as one of the most deadliest disasters of modern history. Source:



Tsunami is a wave that is caused  by an earthquake that either happens under water or it happens by oceanic plates grinding each other. A tsunami is a Japanese word that means big wave. Did you know that the first tsunami was in Sandiego, California on May, 23, 1960. A tsunami is a horrible thing but it helps some of the enviorment which is an ok thing. Tsunamis are waves that can cause major flooding and it can causes lots of deaths. Tsunamis also leave many homeless. A tsunami can only be 100 meters in legth from front to back. The effect of a tsunami is horible for many of 1,000 people that don't get to saftey in time for the disaster. Hey did you know that a tsunami is accutly measured by a seismograph that scientist use for volcanoes and earthquakes.

Most tsunamis occur in the Pacific ocean as it is located on a plate mostly made of water. The Pacific ocean is also surrounded by the Ring of Fire, a highly active volcano and earthquake zone. The Ring of Fire circles the ocean from Alaska down to the west coasts of North and South America and up along the east coast of Asia, taking in parts of China, Japan and Russia. Tsunamis can only occur in coastal regions; islands are the main targets.

Major Tsunamis

Death Toll
June 7, 1692
Puerto Rico Trench, Caribbean Port Royal, Jamaica permanently submerged 2 000
November 1, 1755 Atlantic Ocean Lisbon destroyed 60 000
February 20, 1835 Peru-Chile Trench ConcepciĆ³n, Chile destroyed Not Known
August 8, 1868 Peru-Chile Trench Ships washed several miles inland, Town of Africa Destroyed 10 000 - 15 000
August 27, 1883 Krakatoa Devastation in East Indies 36 000
June 15, 1896 Japan Trench Swept the east coast of Japan, with waves of 100 ft (30.5 m) at Yoshihimama 27 122
December 28, 1908 Sicily East coast of Sicily, including Messina, and toe of Italy badly damaged 58 000 (including quake victims)
March 3, 1933 Japan Trench 9 000 houses and 8 000 ships destroyed in Sanriku district, Honshu 3 000
April 1, 1946 Aleutian Trench Damage to Alaska and Hawaii 159
May 22, 1960 South-central Chile Coinciding with a week of earthquakes. Damage to Chile and Hawaii 1 500 (61 in Hawaii)
March 27, 1964 Anchorage, Alaska Severe damage to south coast of Alaska 115
August 23, 1976 Celebes Sea South-west Philippines struck, devastating Alicia, Pagadian, Cotabato and Davao 8 000


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