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- according to USGS (http://pevubs.usgs.gov/fs/2006/3026/2006-3026.pdf)

On average, floods kill about 140

people each year and cause $6 billion in

property damage.


 - Natural events such as, hurricanes,weather systems,and snowmelt can create floods.Failure of levees and dams and

inadequate drainage in urban areas

can also cause flooding.


-in late summer of 2005 a durastic flood was created by huricane Katrina.This flood was the biggest sence




North Fk Coquille River near Myrtle Point


The graph above shows one way to measuring a flood. Although this river is not flooding.(The level needs to be at least 35 ft.)


Floods happen near the ocean and below sea leval.








Just in case, this is what you should do.First when you are advised to evacuate DO SO. If you do not there is a high chance that you may be in grave danger.Make sure that when you do leave use as minimum of cars as possible.



Floods are Caused by :

-heavy rain


-Major storms near the shore can also cause the Ocean to flood over





Finally floods effect people by taking their homes,and taking lives.Floods also effect the society. Floods effect the society by ruining companys and giving greef to everyone involved with it. 

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