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Levi  Kenny  Skyler

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-- Hurricane Katrina


Hurricane Katrina near peak strength on August 28, 2005 
Hurricane Katrina was one of the top five five worst hurricanes that the United States has ever had. Hurricane Katrina started as a storm off the coast of Africa. The closer to the United States it got, the bigger it got. As soon as it got close to Florida, it became a category 1 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale. After it hit the coast of Florida, it grew in size because of the warm water in the Gulf of Mexico. By the time it got to New Orleans, it was a category 5 hurricane (which is the biggest size a huurricane can get). Hurricane Katrina drove northward through the United States until it finally vanished near the Great Lakes.
Hurricane Katrina happened between August 23, 2005 and August 30, 2005. At one point the winds of Hurricane Katrina stretched 240 miles across. Because of how big it was Katrina killed 1,836 people, mainly in Louisiana, and caused 705 more to go missing. Also because it was so big it caused about $81.2 billion in damage that is nearly double the cost of Hurricane Andrews damage. Since it cost about $81.2 billion worth of damage Hurricane Katrina is the distructive and the most costliest hurricane the U.S. has ever had.
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Hurricane Katrina as a category 5 hurricane

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