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mariah amberli geneva

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Tsunami Pictures: #5 - A flooded hotel in Thailand



       This is a flooded hotel in Thailand after a tsunami.


      The largest tsunami ever recorded was The 2004 Indain ocean

Earthquake December 26th. It hit Indonesia,

India, Sir Lanka, Thailand, and other countries, were

deluged with waves , some as high as 49 feet!Over 310,000 people

killed in a dozen countries, it has been known as one of the

most deadliest disasters of modern history. The earthquake

was 1502 times of an atomic bomb.



      To survive a Tsunami you have to head for high grounds

and expect many waves.Save yourself dont get possestions.

If you cant find high grounds climb a tree or something that

floats like a raft so you dont drowned.Dont depend on 

roads they may be broken or blocked.  


     Most tsunamis predictions are difficult because they

are linked to other natural disasters, like earthquakes

and volcanoes and both are hard to predict.





Fake Tsunami Pictures: #7 - FAKE tsunami picture



      This picture was taken in China in the year 2002

      when a car got caught in a tsunami wave.


    Did you know tsunamis are known

 -  as siesmic sea waves and  mistakenly took

    as tidal waves.                                                                      

                                                                         A resident walks past a damaged shopping mall in Banda Aceh, in Indonesia's Aceh province.
(REUTERS/Handout)             This is just one building out of millions

                                                                                                                                                                                                           buildings that got rewend/or destoyed.




    Dont grab belongings. Just like a fire you wont have

  - time to grab belongings. When a tsunami comes grab

    what and only what you need to survive.                   



                   FOOD TIPS


 If food has any flood water,dents, cracks, ex

-throw it away because it can hold many deseases,

 or bactiria that can lead to problems or death.

 Also throw away any poultry,meat,chicken,eggs, ex.










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