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Project Instructions

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January 30, 2008


 Students and Parents:


For this project students are required to research a natural catastrophy or catastrophic event. With this research, students will create a research paper containing major statistics (measurment devices, measurment of largest event, fatality rates etc.) pictures and or maps (at least 2-3 medium sized graphics), warning signs, emergency procedures, effects on the environment, as well as effects on life and society. Students will need to research these events through books, internet pages and any other resource available to them. The research paper should contain solid information and facts relevant to their catastrophic event with at least two different resources being used. Plagerism will not be tolerated and all referenced material should appear on a separate reference page. Quotes are acceptable if the source is revealed either in the quote or in the same sentence.


Once the students have finished their research paper, students will present their information in the form of a public service lesson to their peers. To help with this portion of the assignment, students should pretend that their peers know nothing about their catastrophy and it is their job to teach them about dangers that exist.


This project will allow two weeks of in class work time. Any research and compliation of the final project outside of school is optional but encouraged.



Kelly Simonson

(Student Teacher Northwest Christian College)





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