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Sydney  Dale  Tyler P

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 STOPTRANSPARK.ORGsinkholes  pictures by: stoptranspark.org


                                  By: Sydney Dawson, Dale Wolfe & Tyler Putman



 Sinkholes are large holes in the ground and are more likely to be found in Florida. Sinkholes occur as a natural process of erosion and they develop when the underlying limestone is dissolved by slightly acidic water. They are big, dark and dangerous. Sinkholes can sever sewage lines, storm drainage conduits, underground electric lines, fiber optic cables and gas lines. The Boesmansgat in South Africa is the second deepest sinkhole and the largest of its kind in the world.


What to do and what NOT to do when you encounter a sinkhole:

1. DON'T drive into it.


2. Keep everyone away from it.                                                                                               


3. Sinkholes are serious. They are not a funny ha ha thing. Sinkholes can be fatal.


4. Last but not least, DO NOT pour chemicals into it!!!!



Things you want to look out for when a sinkhole occurs is: fresh exposers on fence posts, foundations and trees, which result when the ground sinks.

If a sinkhole develops on your property, keep everyone away from it. If your home is threatened, contact your home owner's insurance company. It is also important to fill the hole with clean sand, if possible. Here are a few links:








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